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Financial Health with Insurance
Empowering Individuals, families and Businesses with financial security.

We Aspire to be a beacon of Trust, Innovation and Excellence in the Insurtech and Financial health
, providing cutting-edge solutions for our clients, employees, and families we serve.

We are enabling insurance to commit for Insurance education at the point of purchase, ensuring claim guarantee with Know your claim and making a positive impact on people’s financial well-being through Insurance, Financial, Education & Arbitration Solutions.


The problem

we are trying to solve?

Know Your Claim

Making people aware and guaranteeing all
legitimate claims before users buy any policy.

By Addressing
the rootcause

  • Insurance Repository
  • Insurance Audits with Risk scoring mechanism
  • Education and Awareness
  • Strengthening the Agents/Brokers to expand their business with technology and Underwriting support

Powered by technology

& domain expertise

  • Dashboards
  • Insure Flo – Platform to strengthen agents, employees and clients on short video formats
  • Insure Pro – Platform to strengthen underwriting easing the process of understanding risks, enhancing response times and accuracy of quotes to client
  • Mad Over Insurance – Platform to build Digital Insurance education Library
  • Arbisophy – Platform to help Individual & Corporates in claims

Success Metrics

Fastest growing
insurance broking startup solution in India
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corporates onboarded into the platform
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Users from B2B2C with minimal User
Acquisition cost
0 K+
MadOver Insurance subscribers for education from organizations

Our Clients

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