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A Code Health And SEcurity Solution

In a world where technology is evolving rapidly, Code Health and Security of applications

are of paramount importance. Techsophy Chase is your ally in navigating the

complexities of modernizing applications efficiently and securely.

Process Flow


Code Analysis and Refactoring: Automated Code Analysis and Refactoring, is an Advanced tool to identify code issues, dependencies, and areas needing attention.

Key Benefit: Focus on Modernizing Process, Critical Functionalities of Legacy Code.

Code Generation and Augmentation: Accelerate development by generating code snippets or modules based on existing code and requirements. 

Key Benefit: AI-based improvements enhance efficiency.

Automated Documentation and Knowledge: AI-driven natural language processes the extracted insights from limited documentation.

Key Benefit: Facilitates the understanding of codebases.

Code Maintenance and Bug Detection: Powered by AI monitoring system, ensure continuous analysis for potential bugs and vulnerabilities,

Key Benefit: Saving resources and mitigating issues early in the process.

Automated Testing and Quality Assurance: AI-driven tools to streamline testing processes

Key Benefit: Guaranteeing the quality of modernized code.

AI-Powered Virtual Assistants: AI-based virtual assistants provide developers with on-demand support, answering questions, suggesting solutions, and guiding them through the modernization process.

Key Benefit: This can alleviate the need for additional human resources and provide real-time assistance.

Solution Approach

Code Refactoring Library

Refactor legacy code using GenAI. Automate code generation and reduce human error.


Learning and Healing Library

Interact with your code reduce KT sessions.


Data lake Module
Capture all your information in one place and use standard BI & Reporting tool to analyze.


Legal Module Library
Reduce plagiarism and avoid legal issues.


Deployment Scripts Library

Automate deployment process using GenAI.