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A Comprehensive security solution
for your web applications

Protects your website and web applications from DDOS attacks, SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting (XSS), zero-day attacks and OWASP Top 10 attacks.
DDOS attacks
SQL injection attacks
Cross-site scripting (XSS)
Zero-day Attacks
OWASP Top 10 attacks
PCI compliance

How CyberWasp works

CyberWasp is build on open source platform – NGINX and ModSecurity. Deployed on AWS or a cloud of your choice, CyberWasp can scale based on your needs and will provide you real time view on the safety of your website!

Redirect the DNS entry in your web application to the CyberWasp server to get all the protection offered by the Web Application Firewall.


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  • Attack Analytics
  • Real time logging
  • Access to raw log
  • WAF Settings

  • Block - block any attack on your website before it reaches your site
  • Detect - Only detect the attacks. Look for falsepositives and fine tune
  • Customized block pages
  • Administration

  • High Availability
  • No hardware, software or tuning required
  • CyberWasp dashboard

    The dashboard provides full visibility of the number of attacks, attack category, attack severity and much more.
The IT Administrator can track all the URLs maintained by the company using this single dasbhoard.

    • List Pricing is based on the number of URLs to be protected.
    • Volume discounts apply